Players Need To Work Closely To Ensure Survival

The elder scrolls OL is an adaptation of the elder scrolls series first: with different production team, new combat system and many professional play.Better than its single machine series is rich, visual effects beyond imagination, fans will feel a different new ESO Gold experience.

Recently,the elder scrolls OL chief content designer Rich Lambert accepted the foreign media interview, introduces in detail the main part is the game.”The elder scrolls OL” is understood to be released in operation after a month, will update Craglorn first exploration area in the game.

It is understood that Craglorn exploration area is the elder scrolls OL high-grade PVE raids in the area, containing the previous ZeniMax game companies through the much publicized new game mode “twelve trials”, as well as the players had never come into contact with the zombie species.Rich Lambert said, he has played many games, and participated in a lot of team activities, through this part of the design of the game content, he used to play the game in the process of produce some of the ideas are implemented.

For him, is in charge of this part of the design of the game content, let he felt very excited.He said: “this part of the game content to find ever played world of warcraft players feel, it’s really hard to copy, players need to work closely to ensure survival.”