The Elder Scrolls OL Delaying Release The Host Version

According to US media reports,The Elder Scrolls OL host version will be postponed six months on sale, the game was going on June PS4 and Xbox One landing platform, but now it seems that this program has been unable to achieve it. This message is one of the oldest players in the official FAQ found, then the official version of the game that the host could not have been on sale in June, they need at least six months to further improve the game, good to meet the player’s expectations. The players in the forum after the news leaked, the official quickly removed and this ESO Gold  FAQ is not carried on after the official confirmation.


Meanwhile,ZeniMax game company has said it will not join the auction house function in The Elder Scrolls OL, players can use the feature to store items guild transaction. But for the rules of the game, many gamers said it could not understand, do not believe the official favor in-game economy. In this regard, ZeniMax also made ?to explain this practice, known as equipment swap rate is low within the game itself, players will be equipped to get their hopes on the auction house , and this will affect the player’s desire to play equipment.


My goal is to game the system to maintain the economy in a civilian level, because in a huge server, there are many players involved, so the game system greatly increases the hit good equipment difficulty precisely because too many players, equipment difficult to play, so players will get more hopes on good equipment in the auction, but this way it will make players play equipment greatly reduces the desire.